Manipal's Python Developer Conference


What is it?

is a conference to increase the awareness of the Python programming language in Manipal. PyPals is inviting speakers from across the country to give talks at MUPy. We are also inviting alumni of our college to inspire current undergrads. We plan to have workshops to introduce first and second year students to Python. The motivation behind starting MUPy is to emulate the success of PyCon India.

Who are we?

PyPals strives to spread the knowledge of Python and get students started with development in Python. LUGM is dedicated to the principles of FOSS and Open Source encouraging development across various platforms and languages, especially Python.

How to participate?

Walk-in to any of the talks between the scheduled times. It won't be a workshop. Come with an open mind and listen-in on the people from the industry sharing their experiences with Python. For those who respond to their peers, check out student developers talking about their experience with the language and related frameworks. If you wish to deliver a talk, please send a formal proposal to the PyPals team. Interested in collaborating on an idea? Come pitch it to the masses in one of the flash talks and you could find people to code away together.


will be held in the NLH building of Manipal institute of Technology on October 22 with the commencement talk scheduled for 5:30 pm. The conference will run through October 23, starting at 9 am for the day, to wrap up at 5 pm.

*Note: These schedules are tentative and are subjected to change as per speakers availability and/or other reasons.

MUPy requires all attendees to conform to the code of conduct to foster a friendly and welcoming environment for the event.