Manipal's Python Developer Conference

October 21-22, 2017


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As a computing language, Python has been gaining steady popularity in all engineering colleges throughout the country. Thus, PyPals is organizing MUPy, a conference to foster interest and awareness about Python. Along with several alumni of the college, PyPals shall also be inviting renowned speakers from different parts of the country to motivate and inspire coders and beginners alike. Since C++ is covered extensively by the college in the first year itself, we are planning to organise workshops to familiarise interested students with the basics of Python, while simultaneously introducing the coding culture to beginners.

not only wishes to emulate the success of PyCon India, but also wishes to provide aspiring Computer Engineering students with an important head start. We hope to see you there!


You are free to join any of the conducted talks between the scheduled times. It's not going to be a typical workshop. We expect you to come with open minds and listen to the experts from the industry who will share their experiences with Python. You will also be able to check out the young student developers talking about their experiences with Python and related frameworks.
If you too want to deliver a talk with us, you are always welcome. Please send a formal proposal referring to the guidelines here. Interested in collaborating on an idea? Come and pitch in any of the flash talks and you will people to code away together.

is a volunteer driven event. People from the industry come forward and help to make this better. If you want to join this bandwagon and help us out in proceedings, drop us an email.


is a free-to-attend event organized by college students at Manipal Institute of Technology. Sponsors help to make the conference affordable for the community to attend and maintaining the inventory for the conference.


will be held in the NLH building of Manipal institute of Technology on Saturday, October 21st with the commencement talk scheduled for 4:30 pm. The conference will run through Sunday, October 22nd, starting at 10 am for the day, to wrap up at 6 pm.


MUPy requires all attendees to conform to the code of conduct to foster a friendly and welcoming environment for the event.

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